Save money and track your impact over time

Drift started with the radical idea of putting you, the customer, first. Right now you’re locked into traditional utility prices without knowing what you’re paying for. We’re changing that. Our platform connects you to clean power makers while using smart technology to keep costs down. The end result? You’re able to save the planet and save money at the same time.

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Go Green

  • 100% Clean Energy Sources
  • Save up to 10% per month
  • 10% reduction in your carbon footprint
  • Cleaner, local energy
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Save Money

  • 50% Clean Energy Sources
  • Save up to 20% per month
  • 10% reduction in your carbon footprint
  • Cleaner, local energy
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Each Plan Includes

  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Autopay
  • Pay with credit card or bank account
  • No contract. Ever.

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What Our Customers Say

"A modern power utility for the modern era that's truly saving me money! Everyone should switch! Best thing I ever did living in NYC!"

- Chris, New York, NY

"Signing up was so easy and I love the weekly statements showing the breakdown of my usage. I never thought I’d look forward to a bill!"

- Deb, Manhattan, NY

"It takes the mystery out of the energy company! They tell you exactly where your energy is coming from, and what you’re paying for."

- Brandon, New York, NY

Features you'll love

We’re focused on you

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience possible. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right.

Choose what matters

Your options are simple and easy. Want 100% clean energy energy or just best savings? We’ve got it.

Prices you deserve

No more hidden charges or contracts. Our weekly $1 subscription fee gets you access to the best prices in the market.

Drift makes it simple

We’re the new-school power company. That means everything automated, paperless and we use software to make your life easier.

No strings attached

No more middle men or hidden fees. Just better access to clean energy and savings. With Drift you’ll never be locked in a contract. So give us a try and tell us what you think. A smarter energy experience is waiting for you.

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