How it works

You don’t need to install solar panels on your roof or pay a premium price to help the environment. Whether you are a renter, homeowner, or small business, Drift has a solution for you.


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Enter your utility account number and a payment method for future electricity charges.


Start saving money & trees

Whether you choose Clean Energy or Best Savings, track your savings and environmental impact over time.

That's it. Drift will take care of the rest.

Why Drift?

We are different from other renewable energy companies

  • We want everyone to have access to electricity that’s good for the environment.
  • Our technology allows us to buy and sell energy at the best price possible by eliminating the middlemen.
  • Local, clean energy producers benefit from it, and you pay less. Want to learn more?
  • We don’t have contracts, ever. Cancel at any time without penalties. No questions asked.

Choose Your Plan

We offer two plans, one saves you up to 20%, and the other is 100% renewable energy. What’s most important to you?

Clean Energy

  • 100% Clean Energy
  • Save up to 10% per month
  • Your global impact
    Save 2100 trees in 6 months!
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Best Savings

  • 50% Clean Energy
  • Save up to 20% per month
  • Your global impact
    Save 1050 trees in 6 months.
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Don't know which plan you want?

See how much you can save with each

What Our Customers Say

"A modern power utility for the modern era that's truly saving me money! Everyone should switch! Best thing I ever did living in NYC!"

- Chris, New York, NY

"Signing up was so easy and I love the statements showing the breakdown of my usage. I never thought I’d look forward to a bill!"

- Deb, Manhattan, NY

"It takes the mystery out of the energy company! They tell you exactly where your energy is coming from, and what you’re paying for."

- Brandon, New York, NY

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